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Healing for Derek Healing for Derek

   Discussion: Healing for Derek
Phil (anon) · 9 years, 2 months ago

Please Pray on the day of October 26,2011 GOD will completely heal Derek Silva's teeth and asthma In JESUS Name... Also Pray Derek Silva learns to read at a 6th grade level real fast starting October 26,2011 in JESUS Name Amen...If anyone see's this Prayer Request weeks,months or years in the future past the posted date of this Prayer Request,please still Pray the Prayer Request is answered on the date of October 26,2011...GOD is outside of time and can make this happen...Thank you

keijo. (anon) · 9 years ago
Hello with best big blessing for you in faith and in the way of glory today and healing will be our bread around the world right now in Jesus blood and the hOly Spirit will fall on us in glory and in miracle with u pawake those who will sleap today in darknes and new opportune that go an in Jesus name ,thanks and bless and live in praying always,keijo sweden

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