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All Nations Church of God All Nations Church of God

Church History Church History


      In 1971 Sister Annie B. Hall of Montgomery, Alabama visited  her family in Cincinnati, Ohio . Her family was members of Bishop William A. Tumlin’s church. Sister Hall attended his revival services and witnessed many miracles of healing, salvation, and deliverance. Therefore, she invited Bishop Tumlin to come to Montgomery  to host a local revival and even contacted Evangelist Annie Nolan to help find a place to hold the precedent event.  On Labor Day of September 1971, Bishop Tumlin began a four-day revival that lasted for years.  
    Due to the success of the Labor Day revival,
Bishop Tumlin was asked to organize a local church in Montgomery . Subsequently, All Nations Church of God was born, organized,  and incorporated on October 18, 1971. The original Board of Trustees included Bishop Tumlin, Brother Oscar Boykins, and Elder Edward Peek. The church  held services in a facility on the corner of McDonough Street and High Street.  In 1976 the congregation moved to 2406 Palma Drive. The late Sister Mattie Hordges found the Palma Drive building which was an old dilapidated apartment house. Sister Hordges and the late Deacon Lessie Hall converted the building into a place of worship. The congregation served the Lord and witnessed many miracles of faith and healing. 
     Many original members from 1971 are still serving at All Nations. They include Minister Oscar Boykins, Deacon Larry Minor, Sister Hattie Pettway-Scott, Sister Ann Butler, Sister Johngelene Mastin and Sister Marie Robinson.  
     Since 1971 our late Pastor and Founder had a vision to build a new sanctuary and made several attempts. But just as King David did not live to build the temple of the Lord, Bishop Tumlin would die in 1994 before the vision was accomplished. The vision would come to fruition under the leadership of our present Pastor, Mother Mary F. Tumlin, Bishop's wife,  who succeeded Bishop Tumlin in 1994. Pastor Mary Tumlin kept the vision alive and worked diligently to see it fulfilled. Although we endured many obstacles, set backs, and trials, now the house of the Lord is finished and on Sunday November 14, 2004 we victoriously marched into our new building.  To God be all the glory and honor for the things he has done!